New unihorn design

Skærmbillede 2015-06-19 kl. 23.48.54

So I was at the beach when I saw Unipooch and Zenia.

(the text was not floating around at the beach, I added that later for a cool designy look)


Skærmbillede 2015-06-21 kl. 11.19.17

The majestic sight inspired me to make a new Unihorn.

The Zenia Queen of Books horn. Great for parties and formal occasions.


Skærmbillede 2015-06-21 kl. 11.17.47


But I suck at taking pictures.



Zenia doesn’t. 

Arn and Unipooch: Probably the best looking pair of friends on the planet.


Felt me like one of your french girls




T’was a rubbish day. Rubbish Danish election. Rubbish Game-of-Thrones-not-returning-for-a-full-year. Rubbish rain. But then Vilde sent me a picture. I didn’t know you could felt people, but Vilde feltet me! With a tiny glass of feltet little red wine. I don’t know Vilde, but I think Vilde might know me… 

This Wonderwoman of felt even sent me woolly little Stine, and she feels right at home.