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First there was The Lady With Big Teeth.


Skærmbillede 2015-06-12 kl. 21.43.56

Then there was The Drawing of The Lady With Big Teeth.


Skærmbillede 2015-06-04 kl. 10.43.30

Then came The Crochet Version of The Drawing of The Lady With Big Teeth.


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And then finally came The Drawing of The Crochet Version of The Drawing of The Lady With Big Teeth. It was done by Regitze and it is the best version.

Wearable work



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Every month I do a cartoon for Danish, Swedish and Norwegian music magazine Gaffa. I have so much fun drawing batty celebs and just as much fun doing illustrations for Gaffa’s festival merch. Tons of people (well ok, one person) have asked to see the drawings in a larger format.

The brief was very open, both this year and last, so I decided to play around with the logo. I was surprised that they went with the handsign-logo and the one with the cute potato-looking people, but also very pleased. The two drawings feel a bit more unexpected than the others.

So here you go One Person. I love you One Person.

1-HR 3-HR

T-shirt 2 final


T-shirt 1 final

Both this year’s and last year’s collection are for sale on, and

It was the best of times

Comic festivals makes you happy. Until it’s over, then it’s all  singing Moonriver with a tiny voice while gazing out of the window.


I was sharing a table with official Queen of Merchandise, Maren.



She put me on chocolates. That makes her the queen.



Crochet mini-me was very exited about Maren. Picture by Jens Hedegaard Malmberg.



 “Art Spiegelman might be speaking but the crowd is still lining up to meet Stine.” Picture by Carsten Fogh.



“I think this is where someone in the audience asked her, what the weirdest thing she has ever drawn was.” writes Line Tind who took the photo. Natasha Allegri answered “I don’t know, but yesterday I drew a buff Thomas the Tank Engine.” 



I really tried not to overly fangirl Natasha Allegri. I did not succeed.



Mårdøn Smet is another one of my favorite artists. He always holds the pen like that.



…and then he creates magic like this.



Mikkel Sommer is so brilliant I just want to squeeze him. He made a GoT zine with his 3 year old daughter, and he signed a sexy Brienne in my copy.



People in comics are naturally better looking than everybody else. But even amongst those John Kenn and Bodil stand out as lookers.


IMG_4693Here is my festival loot. Not nearly enough, but good stuff.

I wanna go again NOW!