What a sell out

Dang! Moving is expensive. I asked myself “What would a cool business woman do?” and since I do not have any razor-sharp shoulder pads I decided to auction off a few drawings via facebook. I haven’t sold a lot of my originals as I am weirdly possessive about them staying where I can see them, so I guess I was a little nervous.

But guys, it went so well! I always knew I was spoiled with a very high quality of readers, but apparently also gentlemen/women in auctions.

I can’t wait to sign and send out these drawings, I promise they are prettier than these crappy photos give them credit for.

Salg6 Salg5 Salg4 Salg3 Salg2 Salg1

How lucky can a girl be? Please don’t ever leave me.


(This is my flirty don’t leave me-face. Nailed it.)

(photo as always by amazing Zeniaaaaaa)

Dead things pt 1



The worst thing about working as a creative is how many projects just die. Important people go “nah” and that’s it. This is one of those projects, but I guess time making comics is never really wasted, right? This project taught me many things, like how to not cry over rejection in a train and how to draw pubes.








It’s in Danish, but so are you probably. If y’all like it I will post more tomorrow. I might anyway.

Time for change



So i tried the medicin. I tried the therapy. I tried the meditation. I tried the mindfulness. I tried not doing anything drastic. I tried not fixing things. I tried taking out the summer to work on dream projects. I tried attending the parties. I tried the books. I tried being open. 

It all helps, but depression still lingers.


So now I am doing something else. In a few weeks I will be moving to Copenhagen and hopefully find the old me there. Doctor Boyfriend stays in Århus and becomes weekend-boyfriend. Apartment is very very tiny – but with room for a CAT and all kinds of… meditative healing stuff alone time.

Gawd, I hope this works. My therapist thinks it will. I think so too.