In so many lines

A trip to Cuba packed with cartoonists – that’s when you find out how people see you. Litterally, because they will draw you.

IMG_8046Erik Petri drew me on the way to Cuba. I think he made me prettier, but somehow it feels like me.



Jens Hage found out that the Cuban laydees loved him when he drew their boobs bigger. Luckily he avoided mine.



I was just talking about how some men have a tendency to make my teeth less rabbity on drawings, when cuban artist LAZ (DDT/ Juventut Rebelde) at a cuban cartoonist salsa party (it’s a thing) drew this.



John Kenn wasn’t in Cuba, but he is an amazeballs cartoonist and he put me in the paper while I was gone. This really looks like me, maybe because he seems to prefer my resting bitchface over my chinese rabbit grin?

HERE is the reason that I don’t draw glasses on my self (it’s in Danish).

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