Under The Hammer: Is There A Cat On My Head?

Skærmbillede 2015-12-03 kl. 12.03.00

The early version of this was just flowers in the hair and a little smiley smile. I was really happy with myself until i realized I had completely lost myself in just drawing great flowers. While I was rather pleased with the flowers, I was very annoyed with the empty feeling on the rest of it.

I wanted to add a cat! But I always want to add a cat. People are sick of all those cats, just stop it (I was yelling with my inside voice). I decided to draw what I felt like and then just not use the drawing for anything, even though I liked the little story of how you can be surprised to discover you have a cat on your head. My good friend helped me chose the drawings for the auction and she told me I was being silly and put it in there right now. And here it is.

It is the one doing the least well, so instead of a great auction I might have invested it a spectacular told-you-so-moment. See for yourself HERE (if you are not busy or anything).



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