Wisdom From The Cat


Everything dairy is good and interesting and it’s ok to be a real bitch about it if you can’t have some.



If you want to spoon someone’s head, just go ahead. They will take a million selfies, but they won’t scream until you start licking them in the eye.


IMG_9564 (1)

Take selfies – don’t be embarrassed about HOW excited your are to see yourself on the little screen.



Love your auntie Zenia. She will bring you snacks and forgive you everything.



Right boob is the best boob. Embrace the boob.



Outshine all basic bitches when taking selfies.



Read the classics.



You always end up wanting more boxes.



Write more letters, even if they cost you a month worth of tuna to mail.



You need more pipe cleaners.


IMG_6246 3

Always pick a fight with the babysitter. He asked for it.



Be a Stannis about grammar if you wanna. People need to learn.



Keep clean.

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