Stages of drawing ‘I love you Horse’

Right now everything is happening at once – books, awards, jobs, travels… No complaints, but I am scared that my debut as a children’s book illustrator is drowning. So before yapping on about everything else, I want to introduce you to the book Jeg elsker dig hest! – I love you Horse!


It is written by Zenia.

I know her, because I once sent her a christmas card expressing my admiration for her as a writer, and on the same day she sent me a similar card. We had to become friends. She wrote a great story about a horse and a girl, and asked me to illustrate it. Hooray! We only have one review so far, but it is a great one.

I thought it might be fun to show you some stages of finding the right way to illustrate the cute and simple, yet deep and hitting-you-in-the-belly book.

The Girl. 

I don’t remember what her name was in the beginning, but it ended up being Stine. GREAT name.


So in return I wanted her to look a bit like Zenia did as a child – that’s how she started out, but both she and the horse went through a lot of changes as you can see in these sketches.



I needed to do something different – and ended up giving her a pony tail that looked a bit like an onion, because she is a little oniony. Then she was too cute, too pretty, too skinny, too old, too inked, too… this and that. You can see in the last drawing how she and the horse ended up looking.

Sort1-prøve Sort4-prøve TuschB-prøve Cretacolor2 Kul B-pensel

Test-detaljer Testi
Opslag3B-2 Side3kuglepen IMG_4029 IMG_4028IMG_4270 IMG_4274 IMG_4283 IMG_4289 IMG_7406Hest_ny IMG_7407 IMG_3724