The story of a very professional interview


So, I met this dude at a reception. We talked about very profound things and I completely forgot to ask him about, well, anything really.


Right after he left, our common friend told me that he is famed rock photographer Jørgen Angel. Not only did I miss out on great stories about his life but also asking about his old friend, rock cartoonist Peder Bundgaard that I am doing a portrait about.

Luckily our friend agreed to give me Jørgen’s contact information so that I could invite myself over.


Jørgen lives next to a very subtle display of some of his work.


This was in no way intimidating and played only a little part in me getting lost and showing up 20 minutes late. Angel3

Luckily I have not forgotten my journalistic training and how to open strong.


This is when you know that you love someone even though you have just met them.


I wish I could say that it made me more respectful and professional.

Angel6 copy

I did try though.


And we found Peder’s first album cover in Jørgen’s collection of old magazines.


This was a few years before he illustrated everything Dan Turell I guess...


Luckily Jørgen also seems to be a relaxed kind of guy.


And I was my most modest self. Notice how we somehow went from coffee to wine.


We did succeed in getting her to come over. I even met her.


She is one classy lady, and he showed me a picture of her in a cool t-shirt with one of his photographs on.


I showed my appreciation. And Jørgen gave me a David Gilmour tee!!!!


This must have been my messiest “interview” since my first year at journalism school back in 2005. My teachers would have cried, but does it matter when I still got to meet the nicest man in the world? I wish my drawings did justice to just how charming he is, but that is not the case. Google him or buy his book if you want the full picture – he is AMAZING! He sometimes links to auctions and special offers on facebook HERE.


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