Last bit of California


I kept thinking “I WILL draw the last few days as well”, but somehow busy always ends up being the theme of my life, so here are a few pictures of the last day off with Henriette and a bunch of huge trees.


Boulder Creek – so authentic. Here people still greet you with a nod and the hand on their cowboy hat. I use the word “still” without having the faintest idea about how people in this place used to greet each other.


Me and a giant redwood tree. Not one of the fancy ones behind a fence, but still  dang pretty.


Are huge trees old? Yes, huge trees are old.


It’s impossible to give a feeling of how tall they actually are, but notice the cars in front of them for comparison.


This crotch-in-your-face-lady-tree is called Mother of the forest.


What do you need the most when you are walking around redwoods in awe of nature? The answer is cheap merchandise. They get this in California.


Nature with mountains always wins.

2 thoughts on “Last bit of California

  1. Kære Stine,
    Just hjemme efter en skøn dag på bogmessen. Dagens absolutte højdepunkt var indkøbet af ‘kærestesorg’ med din “live” tegning på første side.
    Din sublime streg i kærestesorg rammer spot on og taler direkte ind i min virkelighed. Smukt, relaterbart og med lige præcis den rette mængde humor og selvironi.
    Tak for dig!
    Bliv endelig ved.
    Bedste hilsner

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