Svendborg Graphic

I went to Svendborg Graphic a week ago, brining only original drawings for sale and quite a bit of nerves.


Going through so many of my old drawings to find the best ones to sell really made me miss doing the everyday drawings and ramblings. I will make an effort to do everyday stuff again, I think.

I had two jobs as a guest at Svendborg Graphic. First the live drawing/interview Ask Me About Everything. Audience would hand me notes with questions and I would draw an answer live in a couple of minutes. Questions would range from “Why does my son have such short legs?” to “If time travel is possible does that mean there is no free will?” and also some easier ones I could actually answer. It sold out and the audience was focused and excited, and it was just the perfect crowd. Loved it.

The second job was a Sketch Fight Night and it was a lot of fun too. Mostly because my team WON! 


The rest of the festival was spent at Creators Alley trying to sell original drawings. It was a very very quiet place. The entire sunday at the festival was spent chatting with Peter Madsen of Valhalla fame about his new house and where to put all the books. He usually has a line of crazy excited fans, so I think maybe the festival hid that alley a bit too well. Anyway, that’s what I told myself when I was dragging half of my drawings back home unsold. But who cares? The festival shows great promise, and I surely had a good time. Thanks to everyone who showed up to say hi – I hope to see you all again.

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