Svendborg Graphic

I went to Svendborg Graphic a week ago, brining only original drawings for sale and quite a bit of nerves.


Going through so many of my old drawings to find the best ones to sell really made me miss doing the everyday drawings and ramblings. I will make an effort to do everyday stuff again, I think.

I had two jobs as a guest at Svendborg Graphic. First the live drawing/interview Ask Me About Everything. Audience would hand me notes with questions and I would draw an answer live in a couple of minutes. Questions would range from “Why does my son have such short legs?” to “If time travel is possible does that mean there is no free will?” and also some easier ones I could actually answer. It sold out and the audience was focused and excited, and it was just the perfect crowd. Loved it.

The second job was a Sketch Fight Night and it was a lot of fun too. Mostly because my team WON! 


The rest of the festival was spent at Creators Alley trying to sell original drawings. It was a very very quiet place. The entire sunday at the festival was spent chatting with Peter Madsen of Valhalla fame about his new house and where to put all the books. He usually has a line of crazy excited fans, so I think maybe the festival hid that alley a bit too well. Anyway, that’s what I told myself when I was dragging half of my drawings back home unsold. But who cares? The festival shows great promise, and I surely had a good time. Thanks to everyone who showed up to say hi – I hope to see you all again.

2016 – Spot On?

2016 was so happening. Most celebrities died and I started cartooning for the free online satire magazine SPOT. It’s very Danish, and I try to be as rude as I can (being cartoonist of the year and all). Aaaanyway, here are the ones I made.

(I guess some of them are confusing now without context, but they were totally relevant when they were published!)

(So! Relevant!)
















A story of a friendship and a heartfelt recommendation

A long long time ago I used to read this blog. At a time when blogs went from exciting new stuff to boring repetition (yes, I know, look who’s talking) it was different. And it was good. It was supposedly about having a concussion, but it read more like a story about being alienated, losing all plans, love and confusion. Mostly it was about love, and best of all – it was hilarious. I loved it.

It became my go-to argument when debating whether a blog could be literature or not, because it worked every time. People ended up agreeing, how could they not? This indeed was literature and it was amazing.

I heard that people in fancy literature circles were getting together to send the author a ton of presents one Christmas, though most of them didn’t even know her. At first it made me jealous – imagine being fancy enough to just send people things! Then I realized how incredibly lazy I was just thinking all of these things and never sharing my thoughts with the one who actually deserved to know.

So I wrote her a Christmas card and mailed it. The next day, just about the time when my card must have reached her, I received a card from her. The words in the cards were almost the same – we were sending each other fan mail simultaneously!

Of course we had to become friends. And of course the blog had to become a book. And yes, I do want you to read it. Not (just) because she is my friend, but because the book is amazing. I have never had a concussion, but stress and depression certainly has changed my life – it still is and I hate it, and that’s why I need this book. It’s more Erland Loe than self help or “tales from a very sad illness”. It’s relatable and also it’s just a great read.

Warning: The last few pages in the book are so moving. I read them only when I feel very robust, and then I still can’t read them without crying. They are so full of hope and love, and really that can be hard to find when you need it the most.

Also: Besides from buying the book, you should send at least one Christmas card this year.


Cats also love the book, maybe because it is full of amazing photos. The author still blogs, by the way. And her pictures are great.

Last bit of California


I kept thinking “I WILL draw the last few days as well”, but somehow busy always ends up being the theme of my life, so here are a few pictures of the last day off with Henriette and a bunch of huge trees.


Boulder Creek – so authentic. Here people still greet you with a nod and the hand on their cowboy hat. I use the word “still” without having the faintest idea about how people in this place used to greet each other.


Me and a giant redwood tree. Not one of the fancy ones behind a fence, but still  dang pretty.


Are huge trees old? Yes, huge trees are old.


It’s impossible to give a feeling of how tall they actually are, but notice the cars in front of them for comparison.


This crotch-in-your-face-lady-tree is called Mother of the forest.


What do you need the most when you are walking around redwoods in awe of nature? The answer is cheap merchandise. They get this in California.


Nature with mountains always wins.

Special Kitty


I chose to get a fancy cat when I moved to Copenhagen. Why? Because my apartment is the size of a shoe box, and a house cat would sink into depression while dreaming of mice and running free. 



Coffee the Cat seems happy in the tiny space, as long as I spend a lot of time with him – and it has become clear that this breed of cat is just… something else.



He is not remotely interested in tasting fish or chicken. But salads! Oh salads. He once broke into the bin to steal salad.



Cats are known to be graceful and have great balance – not this one.



But he is very classic cat-like in his way of handling little accidents.



Ragdolls are known for their love of playing fetch. Coffee will only do this with pipe cleaners. Pipe Cleaners also double as comfort cuddly toy at night when he is spending the night at the cat sitter’s.



His massive chest hair makes him indifferent to wearing bowties. Putting it on him is a different matter…



When he tries to escape me he hides on my shoulder. My little Baby Einstein.



He LOVES a good bra! 



He discriminates people. Cecilie gets to hug him for the longest, Johan gets to comb him for the longest, Johan’s sister gets to cut his nails, Zenia gets to teach him tricks.



He is growing fast. There is six month between these two photos.



He is very attached to his human. Reacting to my waking each morning with christmas-like joy. If I go to the bathroom while he is sleeping, he will wake up and RUN out there as if I was boarding an expedition for the moon and forgot about the pilot.



He seems scared of heights but he LOVES hiding under fabric. Hide and seek is his second favorite game (he is very bad at this gamle – he is always hiding behind the shower curtain and purring loud enough for even blind people to find him).



He talks and yells a lot. He yells because this window does not open (the door right next to it is always open). When he thinks I will leave him for good I can hear him throughout the building.

Other than that, I think he is like most other cats… Great company and sometimes a little douchebag. Just, you know, purfect.


IMG_3815IMG_5136IMG_3203 IMG_2464 IMG_4367 IMG_4742

Things Changed, Man

Many things changed once I became self-employed. Both the practical everyday stuff AND the daydreaming. 


This is me when my computer died earlier this summer. The days with telling the IT-department “do something, please good sir” seemed very very far away and oh so rose colored.


I spent my summer dreaming about work while swearing over everything computer.