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Skærmbillede 2015-06-02 kl. 22.55.09

Every month I do a cartoon for Danish, Swedish and Norwegian music magazine Gaffa. I have so much fun drawing batty celebs and just as much fun doing illustrations for Gaffa’s festival merch. Tons of people (well ok, one person) have asked to see the drawings in a larger format.

The brief was very open, both this year and last, so I decided to play around with the logo. I was surprised that they went with the handsign-logo and the one with the cute potato-looking people, but also very pleased. The two drawings feel a bit more unexpected than the others.

So here you go One Person. I love you One Person.

1-HR 3-HR

T-shirt 2 final


T-shirt 1 final

Both this year’s and last year’s collection are for sale on gaffa.dk, gaffa.se and gaffa.no