What a sell out

Dang! Moving is expensive. I asked myself “What would a cool business woman do?” and since I do not have any razor-sharp shoulder pads I decided to auction off a few drawings via facebook. I haven’t sold a lot of my originals as I am weirdly possessive about them staying where I can see them, so I guess I was a little nervous.

But guys, it went so well! I always knew I was spoiled with a very high quality of readers, but apparently also gentlemen/women in auctions.

I can’t wait to sign and send out these drawings, I promise they are prettier than these crappy photos give them credit for.

Salg6 Salg5 Salg4 Salg3 Salg2 Salg1

How lucky can a girl be? Please don’t ever leave me.


(This is my flirty don’t leave me-face. Nailed it.)

(photo as always by amazing Zeniaaaaaa)

Wearable work



Skærmbillede 2015-06-02 kl. 22.55.09

Every month I do a cartoon for Danish, Swedish and Norwegian music magazine Gaffa. I have so much fun drawing batty celebs and just as much fun doing illustrations for Gaffa’s festival merch. Tons of people (well ok, one person) have asked to see the drawings in a larger format.

The brief was very open, both this year and last, so I decided to play around with the logo. I was surprised that they went with the handsign-logo and the one with the cute potato-looking people, but also very pleased. The two drawings feel a bit more unexpected than the others.

So here you go One Person. I love you One Person.

1-HR 3-HR

T-shirt 2 final


T-shirt 1 final

Both this year’s and last year’s collection are for sale on gaffa.dk, gaffa.se and gaffa.no