Two new books!

Say hi to the two ned additions in the Lilla & Løve series. It seems like not many book shops have ordered them yet and I don’t think anybody reviews sequels – so it’s oddly quiet. Not that quiet means bad, just a strange feeling.

This one is about not wanting to admit something and end up having lied so much, that it’s hard to tell the truth. And then having a friend who sees through all this and finds a way to help.

Thanks to Zenia for helping me chose the cover!

You can buy Lilla og Løve bliver aldrig syge HER


This one is about cat’s (or really, som people’s) (well kid’s) special ability to disappear completely without giving it a thought that it will worry everybody. And also the thrill of playing detective.

Thanks to Johan for making me realize that the catnapper should be an old lady (he’s not responsible for making her the pinkest old lady though, I’m sure he has better taste than that), and thanks to Zenia for helping me build the story.

You can buy Lilla og … hvor er Løve HER

And SOME bookshops did take it home, here they are chilling in Billunds Boghandel in Fredericia.

All bookshops can order them for you, if you are not into buying online.



Stine Goes To Mexico

It was kind of amazing, and it was kind of overwhelming, this Mexico. I went with Danish Cartoonists who are amazing and mostly a lot more happy to travel and see new places and meet new people than I am.

Please forgive all the spelling and grammar errors, this lil’ travel journal was made on the go in little time. Also: No facts have been double checked. They are based on what people told me and what I heard them say + my crap memory. Please use this as a look into my personal trip to Mexico and not something completely factual.